GDR N°2021 MORPHEA « Morphology and aggregation phenomena »

The GDR MORPHEA was created on 01 January 2018 for a duration of 5 years.

It is  linked to Section 10 of INSIS and to Section 41 of INSMI.

Renewal of the GDR MORPHEA has been newend for the period 2023 – 2027. The adventure continues !

The challenge of the GDR MORPHEA is to create a strong synergy between researchers in process engineering and applied mathematics (geometry and stochastic processes, resolution of the integro- differential equations ) in order to allow a significant advance in the understanding and the modeling of the particulate processes.

The research issues in which GDR MORPHEA is concerned find their source in the analysis of industrial processes for the elaboration and treatment of particles (agglomeration, crystallization, flocculation, grinding, etc.) in relation to various industrial applications (mineral synthesis , production of ceramic materials, catalysts, biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, water treatment processes , etc. ).   We are interested here in compact or deformable objects, individual entities, such as crystals or micro-organisms, faceted particles, agglomerates or flocs structured in a more or less organized way. The objectives of GDR MORPHEA are to analyze the dynamics of these complex systems and to model it at different scales : at the object level because of its geometric complexity and the interactions it develops with the surrounding environment, at the scale of the population where the phenomena of assembly and rupture occur and at the scale of the process where the phenomena are coupled.